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The Simpler Pleasures of Reel Pokies

Slots games, as pokies are known in many parts of the world, were first introduced in the early 1900s. Since then their popularity has risen steadily, and today they are the most beloved casino games in New Zealand and the rest of the world.

The original machines featured a lever that was pulled to move 3 reels, which had simple icons on them and no more than 3 possible paylines. As time went on these “one-armed bandits” continued to find favour, but more complex games were introduced too.

So-called video pokies took advantage of newer technology that was making computer-generated gambling possible. The reels were animated and the results were created with software. Their themes were much more intricate than anything that had come before, and they featured many more paylines and special features.

Today all pokies are technically video slots, since they are all representations of spinning reels on screens and results are created using sophisticated Random Number Generation algorithms. The name is reserved for the types of detailed games that were first called video slots though, and the simpler games that we still see today are usually called classic or reel pokies.

Both types of spinning reel games are popular in New Zealand, and we offer outstanding examples of each at Euro Palace. Progressive jackpots can also be attached to either video or classic slot games, so adding that extra layer of thrills is always an option.

Classic Versus Video Pokies

Though the objectives and basic structures of these games are the same, there are some considerable differences. As mentioned, video slot games all focus on a specific idea, which could range from a blockbuster franchise like Tomb Raider to ancient Norse Mythology as seen in Thunderstruck. All graphics, sound effects and reel icons will be tied into this.

Classic pokies, on the other hand, do often feature a motif of some kind but it is not so all encompassing. You might see a few related images on the reels, along with cherries, bars, bells, 7s and other vintage icons. Sound effects and background music are usually confined to what would have been heard in an original land-based machine from the 1960s or even earlier.

Fewer paylines, bonus rounds and special features mean classic games pay out less frequently than their video counterparts, though their rewards are still very handsome – especially at Euro Palace New Zealand! Betting ranges also tend to be a lot smaller. All in all, playing a reel pokies game is a slower-paced, less detailed activity than spinning a video slot.

Great Assets to Any Game Portfolio

The simplicity of classic pokies games is by no means a bad thing; it gives them their own charm and makes them perfect for specific occasions and situations. Novices can use them to get familiar with the basics of spinning the reels, and they’re great for more experienced players looking to slow down the pace a little.

Focus on Fruit Fiesta, Cash Splash, Jurassic Jackpot, Zany Zebra and our other classic titles, or play them as part of a much bigger Euro Palace session. You’ll love the old-time atmosphere that they evoke either way, and will feel like you’re sitting in a golden-era Las Vegas establishment wherever you are.

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