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Enjoy Fantastic Keno Games at Euro Palace

Keno is a very simple, instant-win game that is great fun to play and will make the perfect addition to any gambling session at Euro Palace Casino New Zealand. Legend has it that the game was created around 200 BC, by famous Chinese general Cheung Leung.

The general needed a source of funding for the constant battles that his army was fighting, so he created a lottery-like game using the first 100 symbols from the Thousand Characters classic poem that is used to teach children the traditional Chinese alphabet.

The game was an instant hit, with results sent to remote areas using carrier pigeons and earning Keno the nickname the White Pigeon Game. Leung was able to finance his army and had enough left over to help fund the Great Wall of China!

The game is now played around the world, and you’ll find the best-quality Keno in New Zealand online at Euro Palace. Enjoy it on the go on your mobile device, in the comfort of your own home using your desktop, on demo mode or for real money.

Online Keno 101

The games at Euro Palace use a pool of numbers from 1 to 80, rather than 100 characters as in General Leung’s game. The first thing you need to do is launch the game, and then place your wager amount. After this, use your mouse (or finger with touchscreens) to choose up to 15 numbers on the Keno board. When learning how to play Keno, NZ players should know that conventional Keno parlance, every number that you choose and mark on your ticket is known as a spot.

When you’re ready, hit “play” and watch 20 balls be released from a shoot and land on the board, with great animations making the simulation look really authentic. . If the balls that are drawn are the same as the numerals that you chose, they’ll hit the number on your ticket to drum up more excitement for your win.

Certified Random Number Generation determines which number spots the balls land on, and if they are the ones you chose, you’re in luck! You’re paid out according to how many of your spots are hit and how much money you put down in the first place.

Maximum Wins

There isn’t much strategy involved in Keno; the thrill comes from betting and then holding your breath to see if you’ve won. However, you can maximise your potential payouts by choosing as many numbers as possible and betting as much as you can, and our stellar bonuses are very helpful in this regard.

Just remember to manage your bankroll as you do this, and never chase losses or punt with anything that you can’t afford to lose. Games of Keno are designed to be fun and light-hearted, with the potential of massive wins adding a dimension of excitement. Enjoy the action for its own sake as you play, and treat each payout as an unexpected but very welcome surprise.

Past winners have done all kinds of things with the Keno games at Euro Palace, and some of them have been really successful! An Australian widower chose his own numbers, with personal meanings attached, and won $4.3 million; a nurse aid living in Las Vegas based his choice on his wife’s age and was rewarded with more than $6 million. And, also in Australia, a firewood salesman bet the same numbers for 25 years and got over $3 million.

There’s nothing to say that any of these methods work, but it can be fun to try them and the results of the people above, at least, speak for themselves! On the other hand, with Keno NZ players might want to leave it all in the hands of fate and choose your spots completely arbitrarily.  However you pick your numbers, you’ll enjoy the fast action, great graphics and smooth functionality of the Keno games at Euro Palace Casino New Zealand.

Try Your Luck Today

Our Keno NZ games are the perfect addition to any online casino session. You can use the game to warm up to or cool down from marathons of Blackjack, Poker and other serious table games, or to clear your mind between hands of cards. However you decide to play, you will always be completely entertained.

Try New Zealand Keno at Euro Palace and you’ll get to enjoy it in one of the safest and most supported online gaming environments in the country, if not the rest of the world. Register your account with us, make your first deposit, and claim your Welcome Bonus. Then use the funds to enjoy our world-class Keno and other instant-win titles. Good luck!

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